Meini allows users to source VR/AR products, easily integrate VR/AR for personal and/or industrial use, as well as collaborate and share successful methods of using VR/AR materials.


Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas

Creative director and education specialist

Rachel has many years of experience working as an educator and is currently a PhD Researcher at the University of Helsinki in the Teacher Development Program. Her research focuses on empathy, critical pedagogy, and visual culture.

Ushanandini Mohanraj

Platform design and Innovation lead.

Usha has experience in concept development and entrepreneurship and is currently pursuing master studies in Translational Medicine at University of Helsinki. She believes in learning that is fun, continuous, engaging and an imaginative process.

Pavel Fakhrutdinov

Lead technologist and developer

Pavel is doing two bachelors and both of them are engineering: materials and info communicational. Moreover he is working with educational robotics which helped him to make a choice to take part in this project since education of today really needs a shift from what it is now.

Theo Levlin

Creative education specialist

Theo is an editor of textbooks for an e-learning company and knows all you need to know about the finnish curriculum. He is an expert of applying the new digital tools to existing pedagogical structures and he knows the value of the new technologies.

Ekaterina Portnova

Research and Communications specialist

Katja has background in journalism and PR working at the Olympics and writing for travel and lifestyle magazines. Now she graduates from the University of Helsinki with Master’s degree in Media and Communications. Katja thinks that VR and AR technologies possess huge potential for faster and more enjoyable learning, which can benefit learners of all ages.

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