Immersive technologies can transform education. Imagine no more limits on space, time or creativity! Using our library, educators can find AR/VR applications suited to their individual needs. Meini allows searching by subjects, devices, group size or age. Create your own lesson plans using AR/VR or try ready-to-use ones. We work to ensure that every tool found on Meini creates a positive educational experience for your students.


Here educators can find the information needed to assist them with AR/VR educational technologies. Our instructive materials give teachers confidence to integrate AR/VR into their classrooms. Online articles and videos will help to discover the potential of teaching with AR/VR while saving you time.


Meini empowers teachers through our online community. Educators can form groups and share their user experiences, give useful tips, ask for advice, and learn from one another. Expand your AR/VR collaborative network to anyone around the world.

The Team

Meet Meini! We are an international team with combined expertise from areas of pedagogy, science, technology, and communication. Here at Meini, we all desire to make education a truly engaging and creative experience, where both teacher and students can find joy.

Together with you, we are working to create the new educational reality!

Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas

CEO and Education Specialist

Ushanandini Mohanraj

Project Manager

Pavel Fakhrutdinov

Technology Lead